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    *Minimumorder area 10000km2.If the order area is less than 10000km2, it will becountedby area of ZY-3 full scene.
Address:No.1,Baishengcun,Zizhuyuan Road,Haidian District,Beijing

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Imagem Geosistemas E Comercio LTDA

Rua Itororó, 555
Vila Bandeirantes - São José dos Campos/SP – Brazil
CEP: 12216-440
Rua Itororó, 555
Phone: +55 12 3946-8933 / + 55 12 3946-7755
Fax: +55 12 3946-8945
Latitude: 23º 11’ 43” S ou -23,195296
Longitude: 45º 52’ 51” W ou -45,880963

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